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Mathematics: Stephen Wisniewski

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The Sundays:
I Feel


There was a girl in high school that I knew, but not well — we were friendly, though not exactly friends. She was older than I was. But she was one of us weirdos, so we often found ourselves together.

She would drop acid before geometry class because she said it helped her "see the shapes." I thought about that a lot. I thought there were probably worse ways to understand mathematics.

Late in her junior year, she suddenly started selling lots of random possessions, including all of her CDs, to people she hung out with. "I need an abortion really fast," she explained. She had a shoe box full of CDs in her locker for $5 each. I bought the Sundays "Blind" from her box. We lost touch after that, but I still listened to that album every night for a long time as I fell asleep.

Almost 20 years later, I saw her from a distance — even though she was a grown woman, her features were unmistakeable to me. She was with two young children, trying to manage them as they entered some store together. I don't know if they were her children. It doesn't matter.

I was glad to see her, glad she made it. I was glad we both made it.