As a Writer…

1. Start with the theme. Get inspired by the theme shown on the homepage. The theme can be taken quite literally, or can be abstracted in any way.

2. Pick a song. Select a song that pairs with the theme. This can be taken literally (and lyrically), or can be abstract (i.e. the recording quality, the snare sound, the tempo, the way the music moves, the contrast to the theme, etc). 

3. Write something. Anything. A phrase, poem, short story, fiction, confession; while being inspired by both the theme and the song you selected.

As a Reader…

1. Listen. Play the reference tune, and listen all the way through, before reading the author's writing.

2. Read.

3. Enjoy. The joy is in the author's unique perspective in how they abstracted (and assembled) thoughts around the theme and their selected song. See how each writer builds with the same guardrails.


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