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Snow Patrol: 
Set the Fire to the Third Bar


Waiting on the balcony

These brown eyes,
They only see you.
And when I’m alone on the balcony,
I wait here missing you.

And when they are closed,
I picture your face.
Memories with you,
They will never erase.

And if I was blind,
I’d feel your handsome face.
Kiss your soft lips,
They could never be replaced.

These brown eyes,
They only see you...

I found my one and only,
It’s such a beautiful story.
There are endless pages to be written,
Say goodbye to being lonely.

I am here always.
My heart will stay true to you.
You chose wisely,
Because I will always take care of you.

Listen to you on your hard days,
Hold you when you need me.
Listen to you on your good days,
Because it warms my heart knowing you’re happy.

I am here always.
You’re everything to me.
So I will stay patient,
Waiting here on the balcony.

Forever she said.