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I've hunted your kind for ages.
In a sea where I've fished with my brothers.
I was created in mud
and it's where I belong, 
but you darling, 
The art of your Mother.  
This maniacal world brought together
you’re changing. 
your moods are the weather 
It’s your fault.
You ought to know better 
Like skinny dipping in December 
Our finger tips
They touch 
And yet we are miles apart 
You’re scared 
I'll set up camp and fire
In the layers of your heart 
Chicagos not that far 
California, not much further 
Don't be scared
We'll find repair 
You the wonder
I the observer
I'll have your fears and bury them
In the very deepest well
And plant a garden overtop
you'll never even tell

The Devils breath could never thaw
The pictures of you 
Where you are 
Frozen in my mind 
As I cower down in awe 
Never loved ya past a picture
But I've imagined futures
And still there’s no reaction 
Like a PG kama sutra 
You and I
The dark outside
Cold crystal breath
Fingers pressed against my chest, 
Is this something I could fake? 
Is this feeling just a test? 
it's less than just two weeks. 
I saw you down the street 
You’re worlds away
We’d freeze in Space 
You don't exist to me 

If I could change your mind that fast
The winds would die down 
And the lake turn to glass
You think you've never been worth what you’re worth to me now, in the past.
So send me packing on 
I want what you want
A little piece of heaven
A tunnel to a Con 
Guns loaded 
Like an ak47, Vietnam 
Are you tired, love, my dearest?
Don’t have to be so serious,
Just grant a dying man his wish
For you, it can be meaningless
My friends can’t help but ask 
“is the driving really worth her?” 
I say.. Chicagos not that far
California, not much further.