Andy Dalton




The Fireside Wake:
Last Words


I’m cheating. This song is from an album I’ve been making for the last 5 years. It is not yet released, and only exists as a private soundcloud link for anyone interested in my words and music. In fact, this is the only song from said album I’ve ever made available to anyone in any fashion, outside of hanging out with me and asking to hear it. I really don’t like shoving my music down people’s throats - or any music down any throat for that matter.

This not-so-cleverly-titled song is the final piece of a 95 minute movement I’m calling my solo album. It was very difficult for me to write because it eschews any vagueness and is incredibly direct, introspective, and autobiographical in nature. I cope with terrible situations by writing about them. I feel uneasy every time I listen to this song, but I think it’s important to confront my demons, even if I’m not able to make sense of them.

When the theme of “disappear” was presented, my gut sank because that is exactly what this song addresses. Seemed a pity to waste something so apt. Thanks for letting me bend the rules.

Words and Music by me: Last Words
Well my mother’s on her deathbed
But we never got along
And it’s not my fault, for sure not hers
But it all just fell apart

Do I feel grateful, sad, or guilty?
Do I deserve to beat my heart?
Cause this attitude to battle you
Was the lesson you taught

And my friends are all laughing at me
In their subtle stupid ways
So I’m takin' a trip, I’ll need a morphine drip
And I may not e’er return

So when I wake up old & angry
When I wake up cold and gray
Roll me over, dear, in my shallow grave
And just make it disappear
Just make it disappear
Just make it disappear