Brandon Trammell




Last Chance for a Slow Dance


I drive. 
A lot. 
Sometimes a thousand miles in a week. 
Most of my job is just driving. 

So I do a lot of thinking. 

Thinking about how much I love people. How bad that movie was last night. How miserable the world is. This cup of coffee. 

I think about creating art with my heroes. How we would(n't) get along in a band. How unlikely any of that actually is. I think about traffic. Weather. Weekend plans. Movies I need to watch. People I used to be close with. Where they are now. I think about how different I am from ten years ago. Five. How much time I have left to think about things. 

When I get bored I make lists. Favorite Disco singles. Cities I've played. Best Fugazi record (there is no right answer). They never seem to end.

When I'm hungry I have a constant list in my head of every decent restaurant within a 5 mile radius of wherever I am. Sometimes I daydream about getting pho in Madison Heights, or dim sum in West Bloomfield. How I probably only have time for drive thru.

I think about how I'm going to put my kids through college. How I'm going to afford retirement. How my knee will hold up. How many car payments I have left.

When I'm not driving, I think about what I should be doing. All the things waiting for my time.

But instead, I just sit.
And think.