Chris Thibodeau




Moses Sumney:
Don’t Bother Calling


I really should put this thing down.

How does something so insignificant have such a stronghold on my downtime?
I check it just before bed and immediately after waking.
On the couch, in the bathroom, right before driving long distances, and after I’ve arrived.
I even check it while my laptop powers up.

Like something important has actually happened in the last 10 minutes.

Do they call it a cell phone because we are imprisoned by them?

I remember when this luxury was not even an option. Utilizing pay phones, collect calls, answering machines, and pagers we communicated just fine, it just took longer.

When I was in drivers training, I would call my mom collect to let her know when to pick me up.

Will you accept a collect call from: “Comegetme”?

Charges declined.

There’s no denying the convenience, but you cannot ignore the potential consequences.

With great power, we ignore our responsibilities.

Endless distraction, instant disconnection.

Is there any hope that we will ever be free? Or, will we become so dependent on this technology that we eventually implant it into our bodies?

True cellular technology.