Benjamin Champagne




Prefuse 73:
Pagina Dos


Balance Exposition

Absence Gallons Talons Happens Chaplains Actions Adams Dragons  Wagons Captains Athens Albums Captions Rations Passions Atoms Cannons Saxons Barons Cabins Fashions Mansions Sanctions Fractions Spasms Canyons fathoms stallions phantoms tantrums canons saddens falcons palance vallance counterbalance assassins companions contractions distractions transactions attractions imagines battalions italians examines infractions contraption abandons medallions extractions silence semblance parlance agence larrance orgasms

There it is.
(That’s how we start and end a stream of consciousness)

Do you feel out of sorts?
Is the feeling that maybe, things aren’t right?
Spinning plates.

Looking for a good time call,
Call yr preacher.
Call the alien.
Call inside yourself and answer yourself.
Run your hand along a felt wall.
Run your hand along a thigh.
Answer yourself.

I saw the scales of justice without her blindfold
2018 and i’m on the internet.
I have over 25 tabs open and I’m learning so much.
I look into all of their eyes.
Weighing is no longer the concern.
I run my hand along the mouse.
Answer yourself.
I type it in.
Answer yourself.
22,000 results.
The first three are paid for.
Answer yourself.
Time well spent. Everything has been imagined.
Thought of beforehand.
One million pixels. One million queries.
3.2 a second.
Answer yourself, chattering away in your head.
Always looking for a good time,
Answering yourself.
On this side there are infinite options
On the other side is simply a mirror
            That you can reach your hand into
            And answer yourself