Donald Wu




Kendrick Lamar:


I think of times of close encounters with death while riding my bike in the streets of Chicago. I’m grateful for all the times that I was able to avoid an accident. Sometimes I feel like there’s a higher power watching over me, allowing me to escape death so that I can continue to live out my life for whatever reason. Other times, I know that it was my quick reaction time—which I’ve developed from years of riding—that saved me from getting into an accident. I shouldn’t be blowing red lights, but if I had not seen that car coming that one time, I would’ve kept on going. Luckily I was able to squeezed my brake handles just in time.

There are also less serious times, like when I play those claw machines that you can find at arcades like Dave and Busters. To this day, I have not been successful in positioning the claw good enough to grab anything out from the machine. One time in Japan, I saw this giant ass Kirby toy inside one of the claw machines. It was propped right next to the drop-in hole. All I had to do was tip Kirby over just slightly. I must have tried at least 7 times, all I’ve managed to do was dragged it further away from the hole. I don’t want to say that these claw machines are rigged because I know it’s a type of game that requires some skills and a little bit of luck. I’ve witness first hand that it’s achievable. One day, just one day I’ll get something out from the claw machines.